Why do girls invest in boudoir?

Let’s get real.. adulting sucks!! We get older and busier with our lives changing everyday. Then one day, it hits are in a slump.. you feel depressed, stressed, and frustrated and have no idea why.. Girl, I know why!! You are missing that particular part of yourself like crazy!! That wild girl who you once loved to be. The spontaneous girl you know your significant other craves to see!! She needs to come out and play once in a while!! THAT is why girls book these!

Come on girl, it’s time for some adventure!!


It’s time to have a luxury experience for yourself. An investment for your self esteem, your mental health, your relationship, an investment for YOU. I know for a fact your older self will never regret this, that’s for sure!! And don’t get me started on how husbands react to getting to see these as well😍😍😍😍😍!!

Let’s finally put you first on your list of priorities!


So let’s talk prices. Packages start AS LOW AS $499!! Happy dance!!

Each package is bundled with amazing products, with the options to order additional items.

All products are printed through my professional photolab and are of highest quality!

(All packages and products are subject to PA sales tax.)

*Each package has a payment plan option as needed.

To get more information on this boudie glam experience, fill out the form below!! (Don’t worry I don’t give out your info.) I’ll get back to you asap!