Let’s get some ideas flowing!!


Let’s get real here, doing a boudoir shoot is a hell of a way to show your courageous and adventurous side, but it can also cause a huge ball of nerves! The whole thing can cause a million questions to run through your head! I get it! Take a deep breath love, you got this! To relieve some of that tension, however, I’m going to give you a list of prep ideas for you..because why shouldn’t your photographer help you out, right?! I adore you ladies, so I want to make sure you have this list! So here we go:

  • Make sure you don’t have any facial procedures done within a week or 2 of your session (you should really give 2 weeks in between!) You don’t want any redness or rashes on your face for your photos!

  • Hair Removal-I recommend shaving the night before and waxing a few days prior. You want to allow your body to heal and any redness to go away before your session. Using creams like Nair should be o.k. 24 hours prior, but if you know it causes redness then take those few extra days in between! Make sure you pay close attention to all hairy areas you know you don’t want shown in your photos!

  • Hands and feet play a larger role in your boudoir session than you might think. Make sure your heels are crack free, feet are clean (you can really pick up on dirty feet in photos), maybe get a mani and pedi so your nails look perfect, and lotion those puppies up for your photos so they look cute as a button..if thats possible! (Feet hater here!)

  • If you are having your make-up done, make sure you have a clean, exfoliated and well moisturized face. And don't scrub your face until it's raw or red-be gentle. If you’re not getting your hair professionally done, make sure you wash your hair the day of the session. If your hair functions better with a day or so between washes, wash your hair the day before your session. Your hair also plays a huge role in your photos so you want to make sure it looks good and moves well! Bouncy hair is the best for photos, but too much hairspray could make it too stiff to work with! But you know your hair best!

  • Avoid clothing with stains, rips, and iron/steam any items that are super wrinkly. I suggest hanging your outfits up wrinkle free all together so when its time to come for your session, you can put them into a bag all together! I do have a steamer here if needed in case the bag caused wrinkles.

  • Be mindful of accessories and props. Bring one or 2 pairs of your favorite heels and be thoughtful when selecting accessories and jewelry. Try your jewelry on with your outfits to make sure you like the way it looks! I wouldn’t want you to wear them for your photos, and you end up hating the look! Make sure you have these items ready days before your session so you don’t forget them.

  • Make sure you have all clothing, accessories, and anything else you want for your session prepared and ready to go the night before! That way you don’t have to stress the day of!

  • Do not drink (a lot) alcohol the night before in case you wake up feeling sick! Get plenty of rest, and make sure to eat breakfast in the morning, at least 2 hours before your shoot! You do not want to come on an empty stomach!

  • You will have the time of your life, don’t be nervous!

Lets break down a few things you could bring to your portrait session to make your photos really pop! Let’s start with:


Bring something meaningful to add a layer of personal depth and style to your portraits. A must have necklace that you bought for yourself, your grandmother's antique pearl bracelet, special wedding jewelry, a meaningful pair of earrings you've received as a gift, or just something that you feel beautiful in! 

You don't need to bring jewelry for every outfit, although you can. Especially if you have really visually distinctive jewelry (like a huge string of pearls!), we may only want to include it for some pictures. You really want to make sure each set of jewelry matches your theme and vibe. You don’t want to have a really edgy and dark portrait with Hollywood glam costume jewelry. You would more likely wear a choker or edgy piece to wear to match the vibe of it! Have fun with the jewelry, it always adds so much to the portrait!


Tall heels with a closed toe will make your legs look super long and epic! I generally recommend avoiding shoes with a "chunkier" heel or shoes with an ankle strap, as those can visually shorten your legs. Heels can really elongate your legs, make your feet look elegant, and add a totally glamorous look to your portraits. Shoes in white, black or beige are the ones I would go with, though a pair of red heels are always sexy with anything you wear! Heels in lingerie, a robe, or even just a sexy dress can be just what you want to add to your photos. Don’t want to bring shoes? No problem, bare foot is always sexy and seductive!

Hollow Photography


If you're planning a bridal boudoir session, there are so many beautiful ways to use special wedding/bridal details! Why only use these items for your wedding right?! Put them to use for your sexy experience, that way they have more than one meaning, and your hubby will go bananas every time he looks at these items! Bring along your veil, your garter, wedding shoes, bridal jewelry, purse, wedding dress, hair cilps, etc!


Think about your own personal style.. What is your passion? What kind of these do you love so much that your portraits scream YOU! Maybe they are your fantasy, or something in your darkest desire. Something of secret intimacy that you would absolutely love to have fun posing with! The sky is the limit!

  • masquerade mask (have them in studio for you!)

  • feathered fan

  • individual peacock feathers

  • blanket or mug from(have these in studio for you!)

  • favorite books

  • your glasses 

  • hair accessories (headbands, pins)

  • ropes or ties

  • handcuffs and bondage toys

  • whips

  • pinup accessories

  • sports equipment

  • LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU LOVE OR DESIRE!! Check out these images to show just how much Hollow Photography will customize your session to the fullest extent!

You don’t just have to bring some lingerie to a boudoir shoot and think that’s all its about! If you have booked a session with me I hope this get’s those gear rollin’ your mind about your shoot!! If not, chat me with about way we can customize a session for you if you haven’t already booked!!