Hollow Photography Guide- Learn your Camera

Hey photographer!!

No, I’m not just talking about those who charge for their work, I’m talking about you Mom, who photographs your child’s football game. Or those who like to take photos of their children in their every day life.. the beach goers.. the travelers..

You get it. Anyone who has a DLSR camera should know how your camera functions!

Yes, you have auto mode. BUT, auto only does half of the work.. sometimes in auto your pictures look.. well, mediocre. Right?!

I am doing a 1 day hands on workshop to help you get all of your photos looking the way you want them to in camera! On manual mode! That way you have your camera set for all light conditions, all subjects, all focal points, and yes, ways to get that blur you want in your photos!

If you are an aspiring photographer and one day want to have people value your work and make a profitable business off of it, this is definitely something you need to invest in!

SO… click the link below and you’ll be one step closer to finally knowing what the hell all of those buttons on your camera does!

Can’t wait to meet you!