Boudoir Photography: It's more than just boobs. I promise.

Why boudoir photography is more about you, and less about.. well what people think..butts and boobs..


And I’m being serious when I say this.. there are a lot of speculations about boudoir photography.. some women are super against it.

I’ve even seen some women say its all just sexual and raunchy. But it’s so so so much more than that…

It’s about embracing you as a woman.

It’s about showing that YESSSS.. ALL bodies are different, and yes ma’am that means they are all beautiful.

It’s about showing that stretch marks are real. It’s about showing how your body has changed through the years and that it’s ok.

It’s about emotion. It’s about capturing a time in your life where you felt like breaking down and giving up, yet you are still a bad ass bitch.

It’s about moments in your life when you feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore, and maybe you’re trying to find you again.

It’s about being more than just a mom and wife.

Maybe, you are happy with where you’re at in life, and by God, you are going to celebrate that!

I have seen all kinds of women.. tall, short, plus sized, tiny as hell, depressed, happy, insanely low self esteem, proud of their body.. I’ve seen a lot.

And what I have also seen during these sessions.. are happiness. Pride. But best of all. They see themselves differently. They experience a new light.

Not one single time have I heard “Thank you for taking my pictures I really like the way my butt and boobs looks.” It’s more like “I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL IN MY LIFE.”

So yes, boudoir photography can get some great ass shots, but its more about the experience of feeling something about yourself that you freaking missed feeling! And if you’re anything like me, sometimes I need a good kick in the ass from myself.

Remember one thing, you are amazing!