Boudoir Photographer Collabs with Local Writer

Pennsylvania Women supporting Women

I love supporting other women, especially local to me here in our little town of Pennsylvania. As a photographer, sometimes my art pieces need a story to go with it, and I just loved this poem done by Dee Vious, over at the ‘Night Light’s Cast Shadows’ page. I love love love reading her poems and short stories!

This photo was a piece done with my boudoir photography, and this short story/poem fit perfect with it!! I hope you enjoy!

“You live in a dream world, darling and I love that about you.
But, me?
I live in the nightmare realm and I know how things really happen.
I understand the shadows;
The darkness that lurks around your every corner.
I see what you cannot;
I know what you do not;
And I eat the things that you shall never have to taste.
So, bid me goodnight and be on your way.
This isn't the place for you to linger.
You will get swallowed up here,
And I will not allow that on my watch;
Will not have that on my conscience;
Cannot have that burden hanging on me through the days ahead and the nights below.
So, go.
Go quietly.
And live bravely in your ignorance.
I got this.”

~by: Deevious~


Go check out her page, you won’t regret it! She even has a book out that you can purchase!! Here is the link to her page:

Click here for blog!

Until next time!