Boudoir Photography | 5 Reasons To Do It!

Boudoir Photography Sessions : 5 Reasons Why Every Single Female Should Do One!!


Alright alright, I see you.. I see you looking at the posts, and asking people how their sessions went, and wondering if you should do one..

I feel like if you are thinking you are missing out on these photos.. it’s because you are! I’m just being real with you.. you really are missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Not every female gets to model for playboy, or model for a magazine, or feel like a movie star. BUT, with a boudoir session, that’s exactly how you feel. Let’s count 5 reasons why these are the best thing for your soul!!



Let me say it again.. it’s GOOD for your SELF ESTEEM!! Let me take a little guess and say you’re thinking “i don’t have good self esteem.” Girl, I know. Who does? Every girl that has come to me has something they do not like about themselves. Every single woman that walks through my door instantly says “don’t show this, try to hide this, I don’t like this can we not show it.” I hear you. But, guess what they don’t worry about when we shoot.. those things they hate. Once we start shooting, it’s like a weight is lifted and they just start having FUNNNN!! They let loose. They forget about those flaws. They feel like a damn queen! And when they see those photos, they go bananas. Don’t believe me? Go to my boudoir page, and read those reviews! They explain there’s something that happens working with me, they just feel like a new person when they are done.. And there is nothing better than hearing that!

Reason 2: THERAPY

Ok seriously though, there is nothing better than airing out your frustrations and dirty laundry during a photo shoot! I’m all ears during these shoots, and I have had women tell me their life stories, struggles, and accomplishments. We become friends during this short time. It’s like going to the hair salon and chatting with your stylist, but half dressed and posing like a goddess. It’s a win win!


So, I have some girls lined up for summer and fall for their boudoir shoots who are engaged. They want to do these portraits to surprise their fiances with an album and sexy photos of themselves. I mean vaaavooom, those guys are LUCKKKYYY for their ladies to do something so intimate and spontaneous!! I love love love hearing about the reactions the guys give when they get their photos!! It’s amazing and just really a gift of a lifetime!!


Most of us have a ridiculous agenda day to day, sometimes it feels like we are living in the movie Groundhog Day (shame on you if you don’t know it!!) Have you ever felt like you wanted to scream because you need something different. You need to feel like the old you again. The young, crazy, spontaneous girl that used to be fun and exciting??!! I think we all have that girl screaming for attention from time to time. Well, welcome to boudoir photography. You get to have that time to yourself, to be that wild and crazy girl who is dying for some adventure. You get to be anybody you want to really.. that’s the best part of boudoir. You get to leave reality for a little and become this person you had no idea was in there! It’s freeing! It’s you time. It’s fun and damnit you deserve to invest in yourself, your soul and mind!


This one is a big one.. time really stops for no one! I feel like just yesterday I was a fun and sassy 21 year old.. full of adventure, and looking pretty damn good. Now, I am almost 30, and well, I’m not looking the same as I used to. I am dying to get my boudoir session done. Even with my pooch, my stretch marks, and all the flaws I have. You know why? Because I have no idea what I will look like in another 5 years. But one thing is for sure, I won’t be 29 again. I won’t have this year back. I won’t have these memories to live again at this moment, right now. It doesn’t just have to do with getting sexy photos, but also has to do with marking that time in your life. It doesn’t matter if your 29, 40 or even 60. Because guess what, this is the youngest you’ll ever be again, time keeps moving. Remember yourself now. I promise no matter what age you decide to do them, you won’t ever look back and regret it!


Seriously though, if you’re ready to join an amazing group of ladies and see what it’s all about, click the link right below to join! Ask me any questions you have! I would love to hear your thoughts on a boudoir photo shoot for you!

Please give it a thought, you are worth it!

Until next time,