Boudoir photography: Time to say YES!

Boudoir Photography-Why it’s the best gift to yourself..

It’s time to make find yourself again! It’s time to show off how sexy you are! And it’s definitely time to put YOU first for once!! There are two types of people in this world.. The first type are like these women who put the excuses aside and said YES to herself.. and the second type will always find a way to say no.. which one are you?!

Ladies, I swear it happens at least 3 times a week for me.. I get this beautiful lady who inquires about a boudoir shoot with me. We talk about what the shoot is like and what shes looking for in her photos. Then I hear some form of an excuse..

  • I need to lose weight first

  • I don’t know what I would wear

  • I don’t think I’m pretty enough

  • I don’t have the money right now

  • I’ll think about it

These are the top excuses I hear ALL. THE. TIME. and I’m here to say: KNOCK IT OFF!! You obviously want this!! You have inquired, you made the first step!! So think about that.. you WANT this.. so stop with the uncertainty. You are enough, you have payment options, your body is perfect, and you don’t need to think things through! So what is really holding you back?

I’m not even here to tell you this so you book with me, I’m here to tell you this because you need to quit cutting yourself down!

Most of you are mothers, wives, boss ladies, or just a hard working gal who needs to finally be able to love herself. When is the last time you did something for yourself? I’m not even talking about getting a new purse, new shoes, going to the movies.. I’m talking about doing something for YOURSELF. Something to make you see yourself in a different set of eyes. Something that makes you think “wow, I am beautiful!!”

If you feel like sometimes you’ve lost yourself, or taken for granted, or feel such low self esteem.. I’m telling you a boudoir session is your therapy. I can’t explain what it does to you. It transforms you into this person you haven’t seen in a while..or ever! You get to be this sexy, confident woman.. and you get to see this woman forever.. Need a pick me up??.. go take a look at that album you get professionally made for you, remember who that woman is, pick yourself up and be the strong woman you are!!

Boudoir sessions can do this for you.. when you go with the right photographer!!

Just take a look at how confident these ladies are.. all shapes and sizes! They pushed all of those excuses, self doubt, and worries aside and made time to invest in themselves!! Don’t keep making those excuses!!

You deserve this..

Let’s really talk about your doubts, fears, and excitement for this session! I am here for you every step of the way! I cant wait to hear from you!!

Until next time,

xoxoxo, Kelsey <3