5 Ways To Be Happy Today-A Photographer's Guide to Healing the Soul

As a boudoir photographer, I don’t just take pictures, I try and help heal the soul!

Pennsylvania boudoir photographer

No, really, it’s true!! I have had many people tell me these boudoir sessions are their therapy sessions, which is why I have repeat clients! I love to get to know my girls on a personal level when I take their photos. What I have learned as a photographer, is we all have our life struggles! So why try and hide it? Why hide the fact that, you know what, some days are a damn struggle to get out of bed.. or a struggle to even want to talk to people. We all go through it! Let’s embrace the fact that no one is alone in the mental health battle, and instead help each other out! I’m game if you are!

Sooo… when you see a fellow human at work, or in your favorite store, or really wherever you are, and she has TOTAL resting bitch face.. leave her be. Maybe she just doesn’t have it in her to smile today.

But, if you’re like me, sometimes you need that kick in the ass to put you in a good mood! So, here are my top 5 favorite ways of making me go from RBF to a total smiling dork!!

  1. Turn on those tunes! There is not one day that goes by that I don’t have music on, and if I don’t.. I notice a huge shift in my mood! Put a throwback jam on, maybe something soothing, or something with a beat that will make you dance your way through your day. First thing I do when I start a task, is turn up the music to match the mood I want to be in! Me? I am either listening to 80s dance or 90s! Get that music playing and you’ll feel 10 times happier!

  2. Are you sitting on your couch binge watching your favorite show and thinking “I’m not moving today.” Yep, have had those days!! But, do yourself a favor and just step outside on your porch, and breath in the fresh air. Five deep breaths in and out while closing your eyes will make you feel refreshed!

  3. Get dolled up!! Who cares if you’re not even going anywhere! Get that hair out of that messy bun.. put on your favorite mascara, or your favorite piece of jewlery. You can even take a selfie to see how beautiful you look! Getting dolled up just for yourself will make you feel great today!

  4. Learn something new!! Maybe you’re feeling a little “same old same old” today and you need something different! I know I feel like there’s so much to this world that I don’t know about, and want to give my brain a little boost for the day. Youtube has the most amazing documentaries you can watch for free about absolutely anything you want to know! My favs? Wildlife, the ocean, and learning about ancient times. It’s all on YouTube, or go find a book about it!

  5. Make plans!! Text a lost long friend, your bff, or someone you have been meaning to hang out with and make some awesome plans!! You never know, they could be dying to have someone reach out to them! So now, you just made your day, and theirs! Winnnning!!

So, those are my top five tips to give yourself that kick in the ass you are needing today! I hope you pick one, and that it help you feel good today!!

Until next time,

Your favorite boudoir photographer,