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True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.
— Albert Einstein

by Kelsey Johnston

January 2019

GUYS!! This is my first blog post!! Pop the champagne!!

This first blog post will be about.. yours truly! ME!!

So, I want to give you some random facts about your photographer! So le-goooo!

  • I love boudoir photography mostly because I want to help women feel empowered.

  • I feel like everyone should embrace their flaws, because they are what make you, YOU!

  • I love to eat.

  • Chocolate is my weakness.

  • I love binge watching shows on Netflix. I have to admit those tv dramas are my guilty pleasure!

  • I love to open my mind and learn a new talent once a year. This years its piano!

  • Theres nothing I love more than being a mother.

  • I believe in true love and fate.

  • My favorite smell is fresh coffee grounds.

  • I know these are random, but I’m random

I just want you to get to know my vibe, so we can vibe together! Basically I am one of the most down to earth person you could meet! So if you are relaxed and don’t take life too serious, you’re my kind of people!


This is my mini me.. shes my best friend! Yep, I will openly admit my best friend is my 5 year old! No shame in my game!

Thanks for reading my first blog!! Time to sign off for now!!


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