Hey again! I’m Kelsey. I’m almost 30 😁🤔😪😪. I am the owner and photographer of Hollow Photography.




I believe that being apart of the crowd is what makes a person dull. I love the girl that goes all out looking totally herself and different, and does it with confidence. One that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, doesn’t think being a size o defines beauty, and one that rocks any outfit!


Being a Mom was the job I’ve been wanting since I was 18. I finally got my perfect little girl, and an amazing hubby. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

My mom and daughter are my best friends. (I think it’s super important to have a relationship with your mother, even if sometimes they drive you crazy!)

I love photography because it gives you a creative outlet that can’t be copied. Not one person can create the same photograph that you have in the same exact way.


I want to show the world that boudoir photography is more than just women posing in a seductive way. It helps battle mental health issues, it helps women through their struggles in life, it helps reconnect relationships, it gives couples an adventurous side, it shows body positivity…

I love when I post photos of my clients, and they get positive feedback from other women!! We need more women building women up, and that’s what I try to promote in my boudie community!! I just want to show that every single freaking one of you is beautiful as hell!! And I want you to believe after my photos!! You are perfect right now, just the way you are.



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