Hey again! I’m Kelsey. I’m almost 30 😁🤔😪😪. I am the owner and photographer of Hollow Photography. I’m going to give you the most random about me ever, so let’s do this!



  • guilty pleasure t.v - Gossip Girl, NIP/TUCK, The Bachelor, those type of drama shows.

  • best decade-definitely the 60s. Maybe the 80s. But I love the 90s.

  • favorite type of movie- I love me a good scary thriller.

  • best theme song-hmm.. Three’s Company.

  • coffee or soda-coffee. coffee. coffee.

  • best memory-Anything with being a kid with my family.

  • pet peeves- oh so many. chewing loudly. or making me repeat myself haha.

  • spirit animal-I would have to say a dolphin. I love swimming.

  • last meal on earth, what would you want-a lifetime supply of cheesecake

  • weakness-saying No to my 5 year old.

  • favorite outfit- probably leggings and tank, or a really cute dress

  • beer or wine- beer. I can drink a whole bottle of Moscoto in 10 minutes. It’s not safe to drink wine.

  • leggings or shorts- leggings when i haven’t shaved. Which happens a lot. so yea, leggings.

  • summer or fall- summer until I’m sick of the heat then I’m ready for some fall festivities!

  • ranch or ketsup- umm..hello! Mix them together. Boom. I just gave you a new sauce to try.

  • how is your hair right now- In a bun. Always.

  • mudding or shopping- mudding. I don’t know why i picked this one I hate shopping.

  • fire or drive in- umm.. fire. Unless the drive in has 2 awesome movies and it’s not raining.

  • favorite thing in the world- being a mommy


Being a Mom was the job I’ve been wanting since I was 18. I finally got my perfect little girl, and an amazing hubby. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

My mom and daughter are my best friends. (I think it’s super important to have a relationship with your mother, even if sometimes they drive you crazy!)

I believe that being apart of the crowd is what makes a person boring. I love the girl that goes all out looking totally herself and different, and does it with confidence. One that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, doesn’t think being a size o defines beauty, and one that rocks any outfit!

I love photography because it gives you a creative outlet that can’t be copied. Not one person can create the same photograph that you have in the same exact way.


I want to show the world that boudoir photography is more than just women posing in a seductive way. It helps battle mental health issues, it helps women through their struggles in life, it helps reconnect relationships, it gives couples an adventurous side, it shows body positivity, it gives women the push to be spontaneous, it brings women together, it gives women joy to see their beauty..I could go on and on!


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