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Hollow photography specializes in boudoir photography serving spontaneous and adventurous women in Pennsylvania, particularly Altoona, State Colllege, Johnstown, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas!


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Why do a boudoir shoot with me? Well.. I’ll just let my clients explain it to you!!

It makes you feel good!! It makes you feel alive!! Girlfriend, it sparks that fire inside that so badly want to come alive!! YES..all that from a boudie glam shoot with me!! Click below for more clients testimonials!!

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Pennsylvania photographer

Hi!! I’m Kelsey.. I hate wearing jeans.. well I just hate wearing pants in general to be honest. I am obsessed with music, binge watching annoyingly dramatic t.v. shows on Netflix, and I have a horribly sarcastic sense of humor.

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I love love love women building each other up, so hop over to my facebook group - Boudie Glam and contact me when you’re ready for something exciting in your life!


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