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Hollow photography specializes in boudoir photography serving spontaneous and adventurous women in Pennsylvania, particularly Ashville, Altoona, Ebensburg, Johnstown and surrounding areas!

Why are so many women booking a boudoir photoshoot?!!

Well, here is the low down..we are moms, wives, girlfriends, career women, hard workers, home keepers, friends, daughters, care takers, bosses, business owners, alarm clocks, teachers, maids, drivers, cooks..etc!! We are women. We do it all, for everyone, ALL. THE. TIME!!

What do we do for ourselves? Really, I’m serious here.. what do you do for yourself to feel value? You deserve to free yourself from all of the titles you have as a woman for a day!


Here’s an idea!!


Two words: BOUDIE GLAM! Why? Because you deserve self love.. end of story. Forreal though, you’re more than just a “hot mess house wife”, “a messy hair tired mom”, and you know you’d love to be a spontaneous wifey! We are beautiful women, and damnit.. we need to feel it! Take a look below. Do any of these sounds like you?

  • “ I want to give my husband a surprise”

  • “ I’m putting priority on myself”

  • “I want to celebrate an accomplishment”

  • “I want to find the old me again”


  • “I need to feel sexy”

  • “I need to escape reality for a day”

  • “I’m sexy and I know it..(cue the music)”..

I’m not going to sit here and tell you why you need this, you already know why! But, I will let you know what my girls thought of their session! Check it out!

These are just a couple of kind words from happy clients! If you want to see more of what my girls thought, click the button below and I swear you’ll find yourself smiling from all the feeeels!


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Let’s find that fire inside.. 


Can I tell you a secret?? 

One big piece of the puzzle when it comes to your shoot…is your photographer. Believe it or not we are a huge part of your whole experience. You have to really feel comfortable with your photographer, or it can make or break your entire vibe!! So here is a little bit about me!

Pennsylvania photographer

I’m Kelsey. I hate wearing jeans.. well I just hate wearing pants in general to be honest. I am obsessed with music, binge watching annoyingly dramatic t.v. shows on Netflix, and I have a horribly sarcastic sense of humor.

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I love love love women building each other up, so hop over to my facebook group - Boudie Glam and contact me when you’re ready for a change!


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